Wednesday, December 14, 2011

No Ordinary Drum Shade

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Every Teen-Lounge needs a really cool lighting pendant!

And I think I found it with the help of Sarah Richardson and Arcadian Lighting!


Isn’t it gorgeous?!?!

light fixture

When I saw this home office makeover from Sarah’s HGTV show awhile back, I just knew I wanted this light somewhere in my house.   The interesting thing is this is not a light fixture that I would normally choice for my home.  It has a urban contemporary look with it’s casual wrapped metal-strap drum shade.  Way too modern for me!  But completely perfect for the “Teen Lounge”!!!  Don’t you agree?

So when I first thought about creating this loft-lounge area for my kiddos, I immediately when a search for this light.  Over on Sarah’s website she is so kind to share her resources, however, the lighting source was located in Canada.  Not only did this light carry a 4digit price tag but then I would also have to pay international shipping cost!!  Way more money than I planned to spend in the entirrrrrre room.

If you have followed  Dittle Dattle  for any length of time then you know the next thing that POPPED into my head was, “I can make this!” Yep, I thought I’m going to make this drum shade with items from the home improvement store!  And I could have…..

Lucky for me, Arcadian Lighting contacted me to do a guest post.  From there I was intrigued with their website.  And wouldn’t you know it…… I found a replica of the one that Sarah had used!  It is a dead ringer for Sarah’s, expect I do believe Sarah’s light has a bit more hour-glass curve to the drum shade.  Now that’s me being super critical! 


When it arrived it was much larger than I anticipated.  I was a bit worried that it would put out too much light for the space, but it doesn’t.  It’s perfect!  At least I think.  Yes, it probably is a bit over the top for this room and it is rather large.  When we first installed it (which takes at least two people, because of it’s size) it was all you could see in the room!  Now that more pieces have made their way into the room and the room is coming closer to being finished, it’s not the first thing that demands your attention but just adds another piece of “eye-candy” to the room!

Can you tell you I just love this light? 

It can with a really long cord so that it could be hung from a very high ceiling.  We shortened the overall height of the pendant considerably as not to be in the way when the kids play their video games. 


I must thank Arcadian Lighting for their generosity in making this lighting a dream come true.  Thank you.




  1. That is an awesome light Carrie. I can see why you loved it so!~

  2. Carrie,
    That light is so beautiful! What a great addition to the room!

  3. Carrie, this light is awesome!! It is a great statement piece!

  4. That pendant is gorgeous! It fits the room perfectly!

  5. This light is totally cool. What an awesome fixture for this room.
    How nice of Arcaidian Lighting to make this "dream" come true for you. I will have to visit their website.
    happy holidays~

  6. Love the light! Lucky you, finding such a perfect twin to your inspiration light! Thanks for sharing.

  7. That is SO AWESOME! Very unique and super cool! :)

  8. I think it is perfect and so cool!

  9. Hey Carrie,


    Don't you love it when a room comes together?

    Merry Christmas
    janet xox

  10. Carrie I love it, you better start charging admission to enter the teen lounge. FYI once again I have been unable to comment on your blog for the past two weeks :( blogger trouble. I have been reading your post!

  11. I saw this show from Sarah's House too and I loved it. I am not a yellow fan but anything that girl does, I fall in love with. Yours looks great.

  12. I saw this episode too, and I Lovvvvvvved that fixture. I tried going on Arcadian Lighting to look for it, but didn't find it. I think this would be a good addition for my Dining or Living room. If you know the name of it, and can post the name, please do...
    Thanks, and Merry Christmas!

  13. Hello Sunshinegal34~ here is a direct link:

  14. The drum light looks really cool! It fits the room perfectly. I think that the metal strapping design adds an elegant touch to it. You’re lucky that you were able to find a replica of the one from Sarah’s HGTV show.

    Carl Patten


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